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A M Jewelers has long been my go-to destination for all of my jewelry needs, whether changing a watch battery or buying high quality diamonds. From my wife's engagement ring to our wedding bands, numerous necklaces, tennis bracelets, and other gifts. Now, earrings and jewelry for my two daughters. They have been there for me every step of the way, and I would not trust these investments to anyone else. With Uri and Carole, you get a thorough explanation about the item you are purchasing, and the best deal they can possibly give you, every time. Highly recommend. They are simply the best!

A M Jewelers transformed my mom’s engagement ring into a gorgeous bracelet, keeping it the exact same way it was worn on my mom’s finger for so many years. Brooke is a jewelry genius, and I am so happy that I called her and her amazing in-laws, Uri and Carole. I knew I wanted to make it into a bracelet, but I had no idea how- this was their vision, and it is perfect! I was so overwhelmed with emotions when I saw it and I know my mom would be so happy to know I’m wearing it this way and that it will be passed down from generation to generation.

have been a customer of A M Jewelers my entire life. I wouldn’t think of getting a piece of jewelry from anywhere else. From diamonds to specialty pieces, they are experts in their field and their pieces are exquisite. Uri and Carole run a phenomenal business and are very customer focused. I highly recommend them for all your jewelry and diamond needs.

A M Jewelers has been amazing to work with. From creating pieces for my family and also amazing meaningful gifts, they have been so creative and professional. Brooke has been so wonderful to communicate and work with and they are always our go-to for fine jewelry needs.

A M Jewelers is the best!!! I have known and used them for many years. Reliable, honest, friendly, and very innovative!

A M Jewelers has been my go-to for many years. They have always given me service with a smile no matter how simple or complex my purchase was. Along the way, I’ve gotten a very nice education on precious jewelry, diamonds in particular. I would recommend them to anyone!

Working with a trusted jeweler is the only way I would reset my treasured family heirlooms. I loved being involved in the design process with AM Jewelers’ experienced certified experts. They are a family run business that understands the importance of your jewelry’s history but also how important it is to give new jewelry as a gift for any occasion. AM Jewelers took some of the most special things to my family, re-created them into new and fresh custom pieces that can be worn and shared for decades, maybe even centuries!

Our family has been working with AM Jewelers for many years. What sets them apart is not only the high quality of their jewelry and gemstones, but also their attentiveness and attention to detail. Some of our items were custom ordered and produced with the highest standard, rivaling that of major luxury brands. Thank you for making every order process seamless, Carole and Uri

A M Jewelers is the absolute best! Everyone is so helpful and makes the entire experience beyond enjoyable. I am constantly getting compliments on how beautiful and unique my necklace is; and that’s thanks to the creative and wonderful help from AM Jewelers. Extremely trustworthy and excellent customer service! I highly recommend working with them and will continue to go back for future diamonds/jewelry!

A M Jewelers is a gem with which I have trusted for years to help find the perfect treasures for my family and loved ones from earrings for our youngest to fine jewelry for my wife. Never pushy and always patient, A M spent the better part of a year looking for the perfect diamond I wanted to bestow upon my wife as an anniversary gift and indeed they found and created a memorable ring my wife loves dearly. Their vision and expertise is unparalleled in a crowded universe and I would highly recommend AM Jewelers for anyone looking to purchase something special for any occasion!

I originally went to A M Jewelers to replace a lost diamond earring and I left with a trusted jeweler for life. They quickly sourced a new diamond to match my existing stud and reset the pair to look even better than before. They also transformed a family heirloom into a more modern ring that I wear regularly and even helped my daughter get started on her jewelry collection when she got her ears pierced. The Poller family are true gems—trustworthy, experts in design and wonderful to work with.

My family and I have been shopping at A M Jewelers for almost 30 years. Whether I was looking for a high-end watch, wedding bands or seeking repairs, Uri and Carole are our “go to people”. They will become family to you as they help you navigate the jewelry purchases of your dreams.

I have the best experience whenever I work with A M Jewelers. I brought in family heirlooms and asked them to use the diamonds to design a bracelet. They created the most amazing piece that is not only beautiful, but so special and sentimental. My engagement ring was also in need of a new setting and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They listened to exactly what I wanted and even provided a 3-D video of the design so I could make sure I liked it before the ring was made. They are so friendly, honest, and a true pleasure to work with.