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Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry is meant to last forever, but in order to keep it looking like new, it’s important to routinely clean, maintain, and repair it with a trusted jewelry professional. We are proud to offer many services to give your treasured jewelry the attention it deserves:

  • Necklaces- Hinge and lock repairs, chain soldering, cleaning and polishing, pearl restringing, replace/repair clasps, stone setting and matching, and gemstone replacement.
  • Rings- Sizing, cleaning and polishing, engraving, prong retipping, rebuild or replace prongs, rhodium coating, ring refurbishment, ring shank reshaping/replacement, stone resetting and tightening of loose stones.
  • Bracelets- Broken lock, hinge and clasp repair/replacement, charm repair, cleaning and polishing, diamond and gemstone matching and replacement, metal work, rhodium coating, and re-stringing of pearls and beads.
  • Earrings- Replace posts, clips, and backs, metal work, stone replacement and tightening of loose stones, new earring mountings, cleaning and polishing and rhodium coating.
  • Diamonds- We can polish and re-cut your large diamond to ideal proportions to make it look it’s best or to fix minor infractions.
  • Watches- Battery replacement, band replacement, crystal replacement, dial refinishing, engraving, gasket replacement, movement servicing and replacement, stem and crown repair/replacement, vintage timepiece restorations, and water resistance testing.